Research Reports    

Dynamic Growth Companies

The Cedi Economics research team provides thought leadership across markets, offering insightful views, analysis and actionable ideas with regard to investment opportunities.

We work with growth companies that are focused on building long-term value for all stakeholders.  Our approach to research and analytics is from a buy-side perspective to help investors more efficiently alocate capital towards investment opportunities that have long-term impacts on regional economies.


Cedi Equity Research Rating System

Leveraging our experience on the buyside, sellside, as operators of businesses, and as merger and corporate finance advisors, we have created a proprietary rating system for companies. This multi-factor model seeks to quantify our analysis, assigning a numerical rating to the company. Broadly, we segment the key analyses into five areas: industry dynamics, company growth, company profitability, defensibility of the business, and valuation.

While our reports include qualitative and quantitative analysis and seek to educate prospective investors and the marketplace generally, the rating system is essentially a scorecard that evaluates the business on multiple levels using our proprietary multi-factor rating and weighting. Ratings do not necessarily equate to a buy or a sell, but to an assessment of the business, its strategy, and management’s track record and ability to execute on its plan.