Best Practices 

Selective Client Approval Process

Our due diligence process prior to approving prospective clients requires that both our selection committee and the coverage analyst must approve the company for research coverage.

Our Commitment to Best Practices

We follow what we believe to be best practices with regard to legitimate company sponsored research in order to eliminate actual or perceived conflicts of interest:

Disclosure of Conflicts

  • Reports disclose that we have been paid a cash fee for producing the research.
  • In order to ensure objectivity, we require cash payment in advance so the company is unable to withhold payment if it is unhappy with the conclusion of reports. No portion of compensation is contingent on the content or conclusions of reports.
  • We protect our independence by not accepting stock or options in return for research services, nor do we accept incentive payments or gifts from issuers.
  • Disclosure of nature and extent of any relationship that the analyst, firm and its’ subsidiaries or trading entities may have with the issuer or other interested parties.

We require the Issuer to sign an agreement protecting our independence

  • The agreement specifies that once we have been engaged, we will continue to cover the company for one year, and that the company has no right to prevent dissemination of any reports, delay updates, or interfere with our analysts.
  • Additionally, this prevents companies from timing reports only when they are doing well.
  • We own all copyrights, and the issuer has no right of edit or censorship.
We are an independent research entity with no brokerage or investment banking ties to issuers that may create conflicts

Analysts are precluded from trading stocks under coverage